Pukena.NG is a leading on-demand platform that connects people, households and corporate organizations with highly trained, pre-verified, and insured service professionals across different service categories. Right on Pukena, you can hire highly trained artisans, drivers, event vendors, tutors, and several other service professionals to serve you right in the comfort of your home.


Pukena affiliate program makes it easy for you to make money whether you are a student corporate worker, sit-at-home mum or even a business owner, by simply promoting some of the hot selling products and services on our website to your friends and colleagues and make your cash.

This tutorial will take you through the simple guide aimed at getting you started in no time.

Ahead of our 1st Year Anniversary in August, 2018 We are looking to retrain about 500 local service professionals cutting across these sectors:

-Local artisans and handymen: plumbers, electricians, carpenters,generator repairers, appliance repairers etc

-Professional drivers

-Domestic Staff: Nannies, House Cooks, gardeners, House Cleaners, Dog Trainers, errand runners, etc

PukenaMart is Nigeria’s newest online supermarket that offers same day delivery to online shoppers across our over 1000 groceries: meat, toiletries, fruits, vegetables, and delicious meals from your favorites restaurant in Lagos.  

One unique feature we have on PukenaMart is that independent vendors can register for free and list their products on PukenaMart n less that 24 hours. You get 100% support system from Pukena and targeted marketing for your store. Follow the seps to create your own store.

Sometimes, the cost of maintaining a car could drive one crazy. No wonder many believe that a car is a liability.

Well, you can actually transform your car from being a liability into an asset. You can make moneywith your car.

There are many things you can do daily to take your car from being a money-draining machine into a money-making machine.

It was yet another moment of Joy yesterday, 24th May, 2018 as Pukena was announced at the 1st Runner Up of the Pitch Challenge for 1on1 with CFA on the popular Tech Progam, Tech Trends on Channels TV.

I will be showing you how to make money on Taxify by adding your vehicle on their platform.

1. Pukena Affiliate Progam: Refer a friend with your affiliate link to any of our services and make 5% on each completed transaction. No sure how to goabout that, I have written a short tutorial ourour blog about it.Find it here

Pukena makes the process of hiring blue collar professionals such as drivers so seamless by using a simple yet optimized approach to search for, recruit, train and match only top rated and reliable drivers with clients for full time, part tme, or Taxify/Uber placements.

We have completely eliminated the clumsy details of theprcess for our clients; so all yo have to do is requesta driver and get the best in less tha 24 hours!

How it works: