We have gotten over 2000 applications from some of the smartest people who genuinely wants to work with us since the last 6 months.

But the painful truth is that we can't take more than we need per time....Honestly I wish I can..

It breaks my heart to see a young and enteprising man or woman not gainfully employed.

The stories of multiple applications with no success abound and it's worrisome....

Are You a Clock Builder or a Time Teller?!

You are either one or the other...

If you rely on your personal genius, charisma, skills and personality to get things are an amazing time teller!

Time tellers are usually revered. They are in the talented category. They can sing amazingly, write some complex codes, design amazing prototypes, and do stuffs that most people can't do.

We have received numerous enquiries from several businesses interested in placing adverts on our platform. I was initially against the idea as I saw it as a distraction from our core business model which is to connect users with reliable service providers in Nigeria.

As a valued customer, there's a lot you can do on our service - it's not all serious business. We've listed a few ways you can have some fun and enhance your Pukena experience.

The Mission Statement

People in need of services hardly get excellent service provided by service experts. Most service providers are not trustworthy, excellent in their service delivery, professional and structured in their operational procedures.

Excellence service is lacking to these users who are willing to pay more if they can just have what they ask for.

Pukena was launched in August 2107. As we begin a full year in 2018, we want to share a bit of the foundation laying  stage of our business journey to encourage few startup founders who feel discouraged for lack of funds.

The TOEFL test seeks to test your understanding of English language in three quarters- Listening, Reading, Writing and then speaking. It is similar to IELTS. They are both English language tests but run by two different agencies. TOEFL is mainly used in the US while IELTS is mainly used in the UK, Canada and even the US. It’s a major requirement if you are seeking to work or school in any English country.

How To register for TOEFL

Hey Folks,

Hope we’re all doing well.The New Year is here and I would love to show you a simple way to make a passive income through the Pukena Referral Program.  I’ll try to keep this brief and concise. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

The new year is here at last! We know you can't wait to hit the ground running. Yea, you go on and do just that; while we save you some stress at home or office by providing you with world-class services in these areas:

Every investor wants an evidence of consistent and fast growth as a sign that your business is a viable investment.

It's a worldwide benchmark. Ycombinator, Ventures Platform, Seedstars, Microtraction, etc. The first criteria to get int these booster programs is an evidence of mind blowing growth with numbers.