In Africa, up to 70 percent of people who regard themselves as ‘entrepreneurs’ do not own a registered business.

How can anyone say they own a business when it doesn’t really and legally exist?

For some of these people, it’s just plain ignorance; they don’t know or understand the importance of a getting a business registered. The others, who aren’t totally ignorant, just choose to avoid the upfront cost of registration when they start their business.

In line with their quest for excellence, Pukena partners with two of Africa’s leading ecommerce giants, Jumia and Konga to bring top quality products and services closer to Nigerians.

Since launch in July 20th, 2017, Pukena is fast becoming the go-to online platform for verified and top rated service professionals across the following services categories:

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Starting Pukena has since stretched my knowledge capacity. I have studied over 100 successful startups in Nigeria to find out what they are doing right.I noticed a trend, there seems to be a band of successful startups that keep coming up in the media, raising funds and hiring the best talents while others fizzle out with time. In 2018 alone I have counted 5 major startups that failed.I tried to find out what those that succeed are doing right and what the others that fail ain't. 

A few days ago, I made a post titled "5 IT Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Have to Succeed".

I ensured it went viral across major social media and forums in Nigeria and the result has been nothing short of phenoemanal!In the last 48 hours we have received a good number of orders for logos, websites, busines cards and Company ID cards from people who have run their businesses for several years without these essential tools.

Let's get right to it.No time

1. Graphics Design 

This is a basic skill to have from the onset. You need a business logo, letterhead, business card, custom fonts and colours,and other components of corporate branding. 

The CEO of, Emmanuel Udeagha, was a guest on “Amazons on Radio”,  an interactive radio program on Classic FM 97.3 that showcases emtrepreneurs who are making a difference in the society using their innovation. Mr Emmanuel shares his thoughts on "Artisans and their Antics" and how Pukena is fast positioning itself as the last hope of an average Nigerian in finding reliable artisans for their everyday service needs.

Meet Okuoba Akomeah, a Nigerian carpenter who makes chairs, beds and tables to earn a living. He just posted the photos of the Electronic bed he made that has television and can charge phones and laptops. Impressive.

He posted the the Photos and the Caption below;
"2017 Sofa king size electronic bed powerful song system, 32 inches digital satellite television, charging system for 2 phones and laptop, including mattress 8,200gh (N661,635.60)"

One satisfied customer can give you more advertising than money can buy.

The first three months in Pukena, we made no sales, except for the Free Cleaning Tour we used to promote our services. We spent the bulk of that time on boarding service providers across all our service categories. It was a very rigorous exercise. It's the main foundation of Pukena. Our stock in trade are these top rated professionals.We even set up Pukena Academy to prepare them to stand befor the King!

So tstv decorders and dish are ready for distribution Nov 1

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