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  • Hi guys, how are you all doing today?
    I'm giving some tips today on how clients can have a pleasant work experience with a graphics designer. These tips are inspired by my recent experience(s) and reports I got about some designers in the Digital Services section and the dissatisfaction/regret of their clients. While I can't totally prevent such occurrences from happening again, I can at least try to give pointers that will reduce the occurrences to a minimal level. In Pukena we try to give you the best experience.

  • Are you a graduate without Job, or someone looking to move into a more exciting field? I have listed the top 7 Nigerian ICT jobs that should be considered by everyone looking towards the IT sector

    Information Technology is an already booming field in Nigeria. Companies in Nigeria are looking for trained workers who understand the dynamics of new technologies. It is a fast growing market and one you should consider going into right now.
    I will show you in this article the Top Nigerian ICT Jobs graduates should consider with their entry level salary scale.

  • So tstv decorders and dish are ready for distribution Nov 1

    Are you ready for the rush?

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  • Let's get right to it.No time

    1. Graphics Design 

    This is a basic skill to have from the onset. You need a business logo, letterhead, business card, custom fonts and colours,and other components of corporate branding. 

  • A few days ago, I made a post titled "5 IT Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Have to Succeed".

    I ensured it went viral across major social media and forums in Nigeria and the result has been nothing short of phenoemanal!In the last 48 hours we have received a good number of orders for logos, websites, busines cards and Company ID cards from people who have run their businesses for several years without these essential tools.

  • The holidays are upon us. The Christmas and New Year celebrations are around the corner. In the spirit of the season, you are probably thinking of the perfect gift to get for that special spouse, parent, sibling, friend or colleague.

    Shopping for other people can be a herculean task, but that’s why we are here. To help you make that all important decision in getting a gift for your loved ones this holiday, here are 36 tech-inspired and pocket-friendly gift ideas that will definitely be of help.