20 Digital Gifts You Can Get a Loved One This Christmas with Less than N20,000

The holidays are upon us. The Christmas and New Year celebrations are around the corner. In the spirit of the season, you are probably thinking of the perfect gift to get for that special spouse, parent, sibling, friend or colleague.

Shopping for other people can be a herculean task, but that’s why we are here. To help you make that all important decision in getting a gift for your loved ones this holiday, here are 36 tech-inspired and pocket-friendly gift ideas that will definitely be of help.

1.Gift cards


Perfect for: Everyone

If you are having a hard time figuring out the perfect gift for that special friend, child, spouse or colleague this holiday, you cannot go wrong with a gift card. They can choose anything they want from any online and physical stores.

2. Smartphone holder


Perfect for: Smartphone users

Using smartphones without holding them has been easier with these phone clamps. These phone holders are perfect for watching videos and listening to music. It will definitely make a great gift for that loved one. It is available on Jumia for ₦720 – ₦3,599.

3. Mini drones


Perfect for: Everyone

Drones are the perfect gift for that gadget-lover loved one this season. They are fun to fly and could be a good reason to go outside and have some fun. The best ones are not cheap but you can get one for as low as ₦6,000 on Jumia.

4. Virtual Reality (VR) headset


Perfect for: Everyone

Give your loved ones the gift of an entirely different reality by getting them VR headsets this holiday. They come in various designs and sizes. You can get the Google Cardboard for as low as  ₦4,408 on Jumia.

5. Smartphone projector


Perfect for: Movie lovers

This is the perfect gift for that movie-lover in your life. The smartphone projector turns every location into a cinema, all you need to do is bring the popcorn and drink. You can find the DIY version on Jumia for as low ₦4,700.

6. Portable power bank


Perfect for: Smartphone users

Cliche as it sounds, a power bank is a necessity for all smartphone owners. Give your loved one the power to stay online all day this holiday by getting them a power bank. Depending on the capacity, you can get a good power bank for as low as  ₦1,000 on Jumia.

7. Smartphone charging dock


Perfect for: Smartphone users

Charging phones the traditional way is boring. With the charging dock, your loved ones can keep their phones upright while charging. Cool right? You can get it on Jumia for ₦1,500- ₦10,699 .

8. Rubik’s cube


Perfect for: Everyone

Holidays are for having fun and the Rubik Cube is perfect combination for having fun and brain exercise. It was designed for developing critical and problem solving skills in adults and children alike. You can find it on Jumia for ₦4,800 .

9. Vacuum cleaners for laptops


Perfect for: Laptop users

Give your friend, sibling, child or colleague the gift of a clean keyboard this holiday by getting them a USB vacuum cleaner. You can get one for  ₦1,000 – ₦4,318 on Jumia.

10. Digital photo frame


Perfect for: Everyone

With the digital photo frame, your loved ones can continuously relive special moments during the holiday. It is available for  ₦13,690 on Jumia.

11. Selfie remote


Perfect for: Selfie lovers

For perfect selfies this holiday, a selfie remote is a thoughtful gift for your loved ones especially the selfie lovers among them. You can get it from Jumia for ₦1,560 – ₦2,600.

12. Shower speakers


Perfect for: Music lovers

Give your loved ones the gift of listening to music and answering calls in the shower by getting them one of these waterproof speakers. With a variety of brands to choose from, you can find shower speakers for  ₦3,800 – ₦27,468 on Jumia.

13. Bluetooth tracking tag


Perfect for: Everyone

This gift is perfect for anyone who always loses his/her stuff. With a tracking tag, they can keep tabs on their phones, wallet and keys. You can purchase one on Jumia for  ₦2,511 –  ₦3,280.

14. Laptop stand


Perfect for: Remote workers

Help that friend or loved one that works from home upgrade their workspace by giving them a laptop stand. They’d definitely appreciate it. Find it for  ₦4,150 – ₦8,760 on Jumia.

15: Selfie light


Perfect for: Selfie lovers

Their Instagram is about to get lit this season thanks to this smartphone accessory. It gives perfect picture lighting even in the poorest lit rooms so be sure they’d appreciate this gift. It is available between the price range of ₦1,728 – ₦5,500 on Jumia

16. 3D printing pen


Perfect for: Artsy children

If your child, niece/nephew or young cousin loves to doodle and draw, the 3D printing pen is the way to go. They can bring their creative ideas to life with this amazing gift. It costs  ₦7,563-₦16,800 on Jumia.

17. Smartwatch with GPS for children


Perfect for: Children

Visiting friends is one of the activities children enjoy during the holiday. Keep tabs on their whereabouts with these colourful wristwatches with GPS. You can find them on here for between ₦2,700 and ₦7,000 on Jumia.

18.  Chromecast 2


Perfect for: Anyone who loves to stream videos

Got a friend or family member who loves to stream? This the perfect gift for them this holiday. Help them turn their boring TV into a smart TV with the Chromecast 2. You can find it on Jumia for ₦19,000.

19. Cash cannon


Perfect for: Owambe lovers

Who says the automatic spraying machine is exclusive to celebrities? Gift that friend or family member who loves to turn up with this money spraying machine and they would definitely appreciate it. You can find it  for ₦7,999 –  ₦17,000 on Jumia.

20. E-reader


Perfect for: Ardent readers

Give your loved one the gift of a more convenient and digital reading experience with the Kindle Paperwhite. It is available on Jumia for ₦50,999.