25 Ways Pukena Can Help You Start The New Year with a Bang!

The new year is here at last! We know you can't wait to hit the ground running. Yea, you go on and do just that; while we save you some stress at home or office by providing you with world-class services in these areas:

Cleaning services
It can be burdensome to dedicate adequate time required to keep your home or office clean after the christmas and new year festivities. You look around, the bins are full, the entire house is buried in food debris. Office has been locked for days. Dust must have accumulated. Sounds like your case? Not to worry. Call Pukena. We would quickly send in our verified cleaning pros to give your home and office a new look!

Start a new year by giving your house/office a new look! Painting is a cost-effective way to protect the structural integrity and value of your home. A new finish can breathe new life into any room, space, or furniture piece. It also can reduce the level of dust in your home, making it more enjoyable and pleasant to breathe. When you want professional and effective painting for your home to start a new year, schedule service with Pukena!

If you are working on a project that requires professional wiring expertise, such as installing appliances like ceiling fans, repairing light switches, or maintaining smoke detectors, doing it yourself can be a dangerous hassle. It can take you more time and cost you more money than simply calling a professional!

When your electrical items are not working correctly, don’t waste your precious time worrying about doing it yourself—call Pukena to handle your electric needs for you! Our technicians have 10 years’ of experience on average, and all our workmanship is guaranteed.

Moving Services
It’s no secret that moving an entire household is stressful, and we’re here to help you with managing your relocation stress.
We do a wide variety of local moves, including apartments, single-family homes, retirement communities, dorms, condos, and many more! Our movers are trained to protect your belongings and your home – all pieces of furniture are padded and stretch wrapped free of charge, ensuring your items and home are damage-free at the end of your move. Having added stress about packing up your home prior to moving? We’ve got you covered with our full-service packing and unpacking services, too.

If you need Pukena to handle your home or office’s carpentry needs, Pukena provides fully-insured craftsmen with an average of 10 years’ experience. Whether you are looking to create custom shelves and bookcases or you need to repair the woodwork around your home, our handymen can handle any job, big or small.

A faucet that leaks one drip a second ends up wasting over 200 gallons of water a month. That’s about six months’ worth of showers a year! That’s not even accounting for the leaks your pipes may have within your walls, facilitating the growth of mold while damaging your home. To ensure that your home’s plumbing is in top shape, call Pukena!

Pukena has over 100 local bricklayers with more than ten years experience in the building industry and provides the highest quality brick and blockwork for local Lagos builders and families. Pukena has been involved in the construction of over 10 houses, numerous extensions and also undertakes smaller jobs such as fences, even bricking up that hole left by your old air conditioner and will endeavour to match new bricks to old if at all possible.

Pukena can help you with professional tiling services in Lagos. We can send expert tile fitters to your place who will remove the old ones and place the new with minimum hassle. Soon you will be able to enjoy your newly tiled bathroom, kitchen, or floor in any other room. We offer you one of the fastest and most reliable ways to deal with this particular type of home improvement. The specialists will make sure that you are content with the work they've done.

Misplacing your house, office or car key can be a very frustrating experience, especially when you are in a hurry! When that happens, call Pukena.

We provide homeowners and businesses with a worry-free experience that takes care of all their key replacement needs. Our experience allows us to response immediately and get the job done as soon as possible so your day can get back on track as soon as possible .

Generator Repair
Your business suffers when you have a generator breakdown especially in the middle of work. In that panic to fix it, you frantically call the local repair man by the street who comes in and complicates the problem. The good repair man you know might be engaged at the moment you need him. When that happens, call Pukena. 

We offer in-house laundry and professional laundry pick up and delivery services. We can come to your home or office to pick up and deliver same day. Our rates are very affordable and is charged according to weights or per item.

Wall Paper
Your romms and office can have a new look with amazing designs of Wall papers installed by our professional fitters. Call Pukena to give your house or office a new look!

Pest Control
In addition to bugging you, pests pose serious risks to your health and property – all year long. Cockroaches, mosquitos and rodents carry various diseases, so it’s important to keep them in their place. No matter what season it is, they will sneak into your home searching for food, water and a comfortable habitat. Keeping them out of your home is not a one-time event – it’s a year-round process. Our pest control experts work to deliver solutions – rooted in science ‐ that protect every home.

we can help you find live in nannies, full time nannies, part time nannies, and babysitters. We understand how difficult it can be to recruit the right nanny for your children, so we’ve made every effort to make the process easy, fast and efficient. Registering is simple and intuitive, and our database is among the most comprehensive in the state.

Access our large and comprehensive database of housekeepers, cleaners, and household managers looking for work in your area. Use our resources to find and review references of local housekeepers quickly, easily, and efficiently, or fill our online form with your specific requirements, and let the right candidates contact you.

We work with top rated security outfits in Lagos to provide protection for CEOs and their workforces, famous entertainers, athletes, high-net worth individuals, royal families and diplomats. Our services range from providing one-time personal protection to developing long-term comprehensive personnel and asset protection programs.

A well maintained garden provides a great look and feel to any home and increases the appeal of your property. We can tailor a garden maintenance program to suit your garden's needs or simply provide a once off visit.

House Cook
Pukena is your one stop source for affordable meal and dining experiences in your home. Pukena Pro Cooks are vetted before acceptance as members and all come to your home covered by a liability insurance policy provided us providing you with the peace of mind that you are inviting a trained professional into your home.

Errand Runner
Pukena provides bespoke messenger solutions to busy individuals and organisations. We help reclaim your time for more important things by powering through to-do lists and taking care of the mundane tasks. Our service is fast, efficient and completely reliable.

HVAC System
Pukena’s experienced technicians are trained and certified and their expertise includes all models and makes of commercial building HVAC equipment. Our technicians must meet our rigorous service standards as well as health and safety requirements. Our highly skilled team is ready to take on any heating, ventilation or air conditioning challenge from routine to emergency repairs to quality installation of home comfort systems. We ensure that you and your family can enjoy your home comfortably and worry-free.

Interior Design
Good design is about much more than appearance. It must first and foremost further your business objectives. Having designed residential,hospitality and commercial venues around the globe, Pukena Interior Pros anchors their projects in critical use before adding that extra layer- the design difference – which makes their projects so noteworthy. They are also able to take the project from concept design to final fitout, streamlining the process for fast and efficient results.

We have a team of designers, manufacturers and installers of demountable office partitions. With over 30 years’ experience in the interiors industry, our architects and developers have worked to provide leading companies and industries with bespoke solutions created to their exact requirements.

We do the majority of repairs in the home and aim to complete the repair on the 1st visit. Our re-upholstery work and certain wood refinishing tasks are carried out in a Pukena affiliated workshop.

Renting New Houses
Tell us exactly the kind of house or office you need with our personalized request form and  we'll contact you with the rentals that match the specification you sent with your booking request.And if you like the place, you make payment and we'll help you move-in and settle down in the new place.

Be transported in the comfort of your vehicle by a smart, professionally trained driver.Reliable drivers are difficult to employ, why go through that hassles when we can provide you. Have you ever seen an educated and well disciplined driver before, we can provide you one.

Trust your home or ofice to Pukena. Call 08186611862, Whatsapp 08168411237 or simply login to http://pukena.ng/services-category/home-and-office-maintenance; select a service of your choice and fill the online form. We wll qickly get back to you.

Enjoy 20% discount for time first time booking accross all services booked before January 3rd

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