All You Need To know About PRP

Hey Folks,

Hope we’re all doing well.The New Year is here and I would love to show you a simple way to make a passive income through the Pukena Referral Program.  I’ll try to keep this brief and concise. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

What Is PRP?
PRP (Pukena Referral Program) is the official referral program of Pukena Concierge Services  designed  to encourage our clients to earn with us and benefit from their business relationship with us.

How Does It Work?
PRP rewards clients with ‘Pukena Credit’ every time a client refers someone new to the service. In simple english, when a new client signs up with your referral code, you gain 5% of whatever that client paid as total service charge.

Example: If you tell a friend about Pukena, and that friend orders for a website worth N80,000 with your referral code, you gain N4000 in Pukena Credit. 

If 10 people sign up with your referral code and orders for different services on the Pukena Platform, you gain 5% on each successful transaction in Pukena Credit.This simply means, you can easily make over N100,000 in a month by strategically introducing your friends to our premuim services

What Is Pukena Credit?
Think of Pukena Credit as the money you have in your bank account (Pukena Account). Whereas you can’t withdraw the hard cash if it is below N20,000 in value, you can use the money on whatever you want, as long as it’s requested via the Pukena Platform. So you can request for any service and use your Pukena Credit to pay for it. You can withdraw your credit in cash if its up to N20,000

You can use your Pukena Credit for food, groceries, transportation, laundry, dry-cleaning, house cleaning, suya, and the list of other services Pukena provides.

Who is Eligible for the PRP?
Only users subscribed to the dedicated whatsapp group "Pukena Referral Program" are eligible for the PRP. Upon joining the group, you are automatically eligible for PRP.

How Do I Get My Referral Code?
-Add Pukena on whattsapp 08168411237 
-Ask to be added to the official referral group.
-You unique referral code would be privately assigned to you.

It's as simple as that.

There you have it. Now let's make some money together.