Every investor wants an evidence of consistent and fast growth as a sign that your business is a viable investment.

It's a worldwide benchmark. Ycombinator, Ventures Platform, Seedstars, Microtraction, etc. The first criteria to get int these booster programs is an evidence of mind blowing growth with numbers.

It's logical. Only growing ventures should be funded for even greater growth and expansion. Nobody wants to waste time and money on a non growing or slow growing venture.

In our first 3 months, I had 5 applications for funding rejected on the premise of slow traction. Initially I was like, "No be money person go use grow? It's like a company insisting on employing a staff with over 5 years experience, what chance does a young graduate stand?"

But now I get their point.... and we have made some adjustments in Pukena.

Slow growth is interpreted as a bad business idea in today's world. No one is interested in how Cola only sold 6 bottles for a whole year and now sells millions in a second.

In today's world of investments, Coca Cola might stand no chance of getting investments without evidence of growth.

You either grow fast or die off....

I love the story line of FarmCrowdy founded by my good friend Onyeka. Massive growth within 12 months. Poultry farm sold out in 5 minutes! That's a record. Over 2000 farmers registered with them in only 12 months? I played their video for my staff during a Monday strategic meeting. They just got a seed fund of $1million just 12 months!...

We are already studying them in Pukena!

Success attracts more success. It's a principle. Women naturally navigate towards a man they feel secured with in a ll ramification than a man who believe the future is bright without any signs to show for it. Same for investors and business oortunities.

2018 is a year of ACCELERATED GROWTH for us in Pukena. We have laid the foundation within the past 6 months. It's time to fly!

We grow or we groan!! Grow we will!