How to Register for TOEFL Test

The TOEFL test seeks to test your understanding of English language in three quarters- Listening, Reading, Writing and then speaking. It is similar to IELTS. They are both English language tests but run by two different agencies. TOEFL is mainly used in the US while IELTS is mainly used in the UK, Canada and even the US. It’s a major requirement if you are seeking to work or school in any English country.

How To register for TOEFL

  • Visit their official website
  • Click on TOEFL tab
  • Create a profile
  • In your dashboard, click on Register for Test
  • Be careful to supply all details required and avoid clicking twice on any field or hitting the back button.
  • Make payment and secure your sit.

Not that the test will be via internet. You must report to your test centre early to avoid missing the test.

Cost of test is $180 (about N64,000). You can pay this directly with your ATM card or direct to their bank account. Avoid paying an agent.

You can't fail the exam, it's scored by % and no fail grade. But you should prepare, the Listening part has little time so you could do well by watching white TV or programs. Help with assimilation of the speaking tones. 

There is no *serious" free materials, except you buy. But I could offer you my Electronic copies (PDF and audio file) for only N1,000.

You can also get a private tutor to help you prepare for the test. All our Pukena Tutors are experienced and have helped many emigrants pass the test.  

Good luck