Pukena Partners With Jumia And Konga To Bring You An Amazing Shopping Experience This Xmas

In line with their quest for excellence, Pukena partners with two of Africa’s leading ecommerce giants, Jumia and Konga to bring top quality products and services closer to Nigerians.

Since launch in July 20th, 2017, Pukena is fast becoming the go-to online platform for verified and top rated service professionals across the following services categories:

  • Events Services
  • Home Maintenance Services
  • Digital services
  • Beauty Services
  • Fashion and Style
  • Private Tutorials
  • Pets services
  • Repairs and Installations
  • Vehicles services

But in the course of delivering optimum services to her clients in the past four months, Pukena discovered a need for quick and easy access to related products to aid the delivery of her services. For instance, a client orders for painting services. The order budget would usually include purchase of paints and painting accessories. It’s usually a tough option to go to the market and purchase over 20 drums of paints and transport them to the project site. It became a big problem we needed to solve quick.

One option was to launch an ecommerce site like Jumia and Konga so we can buy from ourselves and sell to others thereby opening up a new dimension to our bsinessmodel. But then we reasoned, “why reinvent the wheel?” Someone has done the ground work already. It’s better to partner with them through their affiliate programs so we can focus on our core business.

Hence the strategic partnership with Jumia and Konga Affiliate Programs, which has turned out as a huge success! Now Pukena helps her customers shop for top brands and quality products on Jumia and Konga while we make money without leaving our core business. It’s a Win-Win for all parties.

Pukena is primarily a platform that connects users with top brands for a better business experience. So we see this partnership in line with our business model. Same way we partner with top artisans in your neigbourhood for your home repairs, partnering with Jumia and Konga for your best shopping experience is a great innovation for us which is already yielding dividends.

We bring you amazing products and hot deals from these two giants and make them easily available to you through our own platform. You get to enjoy all the benefits of shopping on Jumia and Konga which include Nationwide delivery, seamless payment and money back guarantee.

So for your latest fashion trends, wedding shopping, beauty products and men’s and women’s accessories, get exclusive discounts of these deals on Pukena powered by Jumia and Konga.