Excellence is not a function of resources, it's a mindset!

This morning, during my devotion, these words erupted in my spirit like a vulcano! I talked in tongues for hours meditating on it.

God took me to the book of Daniels 1.

I saw how the King ordered for a certain calibre of young people. Experts in their own field. People who have done their own part of acquiring a certain skills.

Top organizations and high end households, who constitute our primary market targets increasingly depend on Pukena to supply them with trusted, professional and highly reliable service providers.

This week alone, I have received tens of emails from startup entrepreneurs like me asking me questions believing I have all the answers to the questions in their minds.

First of all, I let them know I too, am still learning the ropes, like everybody else. I am facing the same challenges every regular startup faces at this stage of business.

Most of their questions bother on sourcing funding, when to hire, company valuation and stuffs like that.

I carefully selected the service categories we have on Pukena but among all of them, I am particularly interested in Events Services Category.

Apart from being the most lucrative division on Pukena so far, I am excited that Pukena Events would handle my wedding next year!

My team says they would spare no detail in making my wedding a case study for Pukena.

Well, am looking forward to that.

Nigerian startups should not mistake investment funding for profitability.

The more money you start off with, the farther your breakeven point.

Jumia and Konga are two of Nigeria's biggest ecommerce sites today, partly due to the huge funding backup they have since they launched. They both have enjoyed over $400m in investments. However, both are yet to become profitable. Infact Jumia just lost 61m dollars in the last 6 months.

Good things come to those who wait, better things come to those who go out there and get them. These words are exactly true for Taiwo Abiri, a young graduate who is living his passion by getting his hands dirty and making his dough.

Unexpected and expensive car repairs can unnecessarily drain your bank account.While you cannot completely avoid car repair expenses,it is possible to reduce the probability of having to deal with the more expensive car repairs.The key to reducing car repair expenses is to maintain and replace parts before they fail.

If you aren’t taking care of your car,here are some of the most expensive car repairs you might face:

Are you a graduate without Job, or someone looking to move into a more exciting field? I have listed the top 7 Nigerian ICT jobs that should be considered by everyone looking towards the IT sector

Information Technology is an already booming field in Nigeria. Companies in Nigeria are looking for trained workers who understand the dynamics of new technologies. It is a fast growing market and one you should consider going into right now.
I will show you in this article the Top Nigerian ICT Jobs graduates should consider with their entry level salary scale.

Hi guys, how are you all doing today?
I'm giving some tips today on how clients can have a pleasant work experience with a graphics designer. These tips are inspired by my recent experience(s) and reports I got about some designers in the Digital Services section and the dissatisfaction/regret of their clients. While I can't totally prevent such occurrences from happening again, I can at least try to give pointers that will reduce the occurrences to a minimal level. In Pukena we try to give you the best experience.

A pretty Nigerian lady Ezinne makes her money with PVC ceiling and windows.She shared the news on Facebook and wrote... 'The ministry is moving to its permanent site. Contact me for your PVC ceiling and windows'