I am Kehinde Onaopemipo Adeola, A native of Oyo state, a computer Scientist and a professional barber amongst others.
It's been 9 years now that I've been a barber.
A year after I left secondary school, I started barbing a month after I started learning because it was what I wanted, a passion .


Ready to own a bit of Pukena?

Ok permit me to give you a quick  pitch!

I have 2 amazing technical co-founders, Mike Eche and Ferdinand Aneke, whom I have known personally and done business with for over 15 years and 6 years respectively.

I have an amazing management team who are passionate about our services and love building something from scratch.

Laundry day is a project (the sorting, the pretreating, the care-tag reading, the folding — ugh), and ironing can be a thorn in the flesh. You wish there is an automated method to remove the wrinkles and you have a neat, ironed cloth for work, huh? So we asked Chilasa, the Director of the Pukena Laundry Pros  at, for best ways we can all spend less time stooped over the ironing board. These tips can come handy especially when there is no light to iron your cloth for work!

I have always been in businesses that require a lot of confidentiality and professionalism if you are to survive in that business.

We have handled high profile cleaning profile for banks where we are expected to have cleaned the banks prior to their official time of resumption, 7am. We would resume by 5.30am and clean till 6.30am. We had access to every nook and cranny of the banking hall. You know what that means right?

All vehicles require regular scheduled maintenance, service, and tune ups in order to perform at their best ability. Long-term vehicle care is impossible without various routine maintenance. One of the most important factories scheduled maintenance requirements to stick by is automotive fluid refills.

There is simply no doubt that Nigerians love to party. If you’ve ever had to plan a Nigerian party, you understand how stressful it can be. Nigerians have extremely high expectations. An average Nigerian has been to several parties that keep raising the bar of what defines a great party. This places so much pressure on party planners.

Pukena is barely a month old but has connected a good number of households and corporate clients to top rated service providers near them. Our full integration business model is the game changer from the traditional classified ads business model where customers directly contact strangers who mostly turn out as frauds.

In Pukena, every service provider is thoroughly verified and must have a Guarantor before we on-board him or her to our platform

For users, Pukena makes it easy for you to find verified top rated services, I mean very easy.


If you tackle your home chores every weekend, chances are all of the following items are already on your list. After all, they're the tasks the Cleaning Pros at Pukena recommends you accomplish every seven days. But if this news suddenly doubles your to-do list, don't worry: We've identified a few things you're probably cleaning too often to help you out.


#1: Your Laundry

Home improvement is also known as home renovation or remodelling and is the process of altering, remodelling, repairing, improving, modernizing or making additions to a home or part of a home. Simply put, it is the process of renovating or making additions to a home. Home improvements also include improvements to adjoining land or structures to a home, like gardens and garages.

There are many benefits of renovating homes. They include:

As electricity tariffs and the cost of fuel continue to rise, and power generation from LDCs, on the other hand, continues to fall, more people are seeking economical ways to power their homes.

If you have an electricity meter fitted in your home or office, or get power mostly from running generators, chances are you’re always on the lookout for ways you can save money on electricity bills and fuel/diesel. Luckily, there are several methods of achieving this - from simple adjustments to cost-effective solutions.