One of the most valuable possessions one can have is a home. In order to keep your home in peak condition for a very long time, it is important to maintain it.

Home maintenance can range from simple tasks like regular cleaning and replacing light bulbs, to more complex tasks like repainting. Frequently inspecting your house in order to spot and address likely problems would ensure it runs optimally and is conducive for its occupants.

The benefits of home maintenance include:

According to Wikipedia, A toilet is a sanitation fixture used for the storing or disposal of human urine and feces. Whereas some countries use “squat” toilets, here in Nigeria, we make use of “seat” toilets mostly. For some, the toilet is a place, not just for releasing human wastes, but for relaxation. Yes, I said that. Some of us take our phones inside and chat away, watch movies, read books etc., and end up staying in there for far longer than necessary. You can make your toilet a disease free area by simply following these six simple toilet safety tips.

Let me officially introduce myself. I am a pastor, author, a serial entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. I am the Lead Pastor of SuccessHouse Christian Centre, a community of young christian leaders solving practical problems in their specific areas of endeavour. Last year, I released my first book, "Look for Trouble" in Okadabooks aimed at encouraging Nigerians to rise up and turn our many challenges as a nation into opportunities.

Early this morning, we had our first ever Pukena General Meeting of some of the smartest people working on different aspect of the project. The meeting started by 8.30am

I was humbled to the point of tears after the meeting....

Few months ago, Pukena was just an idea...a funny one at that..both to me and some few people I talked to about it...


But I had a strong belief that this is what God inspired me to do...

I’ve been thinking a lot about hands recently. Even as I type this, I watch my fingers autonomously navigate the keyboard, as I dedicate my thinking power to constructing clear, cohesive and catchy sentences. Outside of myself, the force of habit — of a million essays and emails — have removed this process from the forefront of my mind and into instinct.

Need to know what to look out for when hiring a contractor? We’ve got you…

Owning a home can be a liberating experience. It is yours to do with as you wish. Want an environmentally friendly, bath water recycler? No problem. Fancy a neon pink interior with a daisy trim accented by French doors? Voila, it’s yours.