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Buy Dogs

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The benefits and rewards of owning a dog far outweigh the actual costs. The love they show, their playfulness, the companionship and even the added security are greatly valued by dog owners.

Buy yourself a new Friend. Pure breed adorable male and female puppies on sale. All purchases are backed with appropriate AKC papers and other legal documents. Call Pukena for your new friend.

German Shepherd
Life span 7-10 years
Temperament Gentle, Intelligent, Good-tempered, Kind, Outgoing, Agile
Height Male: 24–26 inches (60–65 cm) Female: 22–24 inches (55–60 cm)
Weight Male: 22–40 kg Female: 22–40 kg
Colors Most commonly tan with black saddle

Life span 8-12 years
Temperament Friendly, Docile, Willful, Gregarious
Height Female: 12–16 inches (31–40 cm) Male: 12–16 inches (31–40 cm)
Weight Female: 22–23 kg Male: 24–25 kg
Colors Fawn, Red, Red & White, Fawn & White, Gray Brindle, Brindle & White

Life span 9 -10 years
Temperament Alert, Good-natured, Steady, Devoted, Obedient, Self-assured, Courageous, Calm, Fearless, Confident
Height Male: 24–27 inches (61–68 cm)
Female: 22–25 inches (56–63 cm)
Weight Male: 43–59 kg
Female: 38–52 kg
Colors Tan, Black, Mahogany

Bull Mastiff
Life span 10 -12 years
Temperament Dignified, Affectionate, Good-natured, Courageous, Calm, Protective
Height Female: 28–36 inches (70–91 cm) Male: 28–36 inches (70–91 cm)
Weight Female: 54.4–77.1 kg Male: 72.6–104.3 kg
Colors Fawn, Brindle, Apricot

Life span 10 - 12 years
Temperament Intelligent, Obedient, Dominant, Confident, Territorial
Height Male: 25–28 inches (64–70 cm) Female: 23–26 inches (59–65 cm)
Weight Male: 70–90 kg Female: 70–90 kg
Colors Fawn, Brindle, Cream, Red, Brown, Piebald, Mahogany

Saint Bernard
Life span 8 - 10 years
Temperament Friendly, Lively, Calm, Watchful, Gentle
Height Male: 70–90 cm Female: 65–80 cm
Weight 140 and 264 lb (64–120 kg)
Colors Reddish-brown Brindle, Brownish-yellow, Reddish-brown Mantle, Reddish-brown Splash, Red & White

Life span 12 - 14 years
Temperament Lively, Sociable, Friendly, Playful, Alert, Stubborn
Height Female: 50–56 cm Male: 54–60 cm
Weight Female: 17–25 kg Male: 20–32.5 kg
Colors Cream, White & Biscuit, White

Pit Bull Terrier
Size Type Medium-sized Dog Breeds
Breed Group Terrier dog breeds (UKC)
Life span 12 -14 years
Temperament Clownish, Stubborn, Affectionate, Intelligent, Friendly, Obedient
Height 17 - 22 in (43 - 56 cm)
Weight Male: 35-65lbs Female: 30-60lbs
Colors Black, Blue, Fawn, Red, White, Brindle, Tan, Grey, Brown

Tibetan Mastiff
Life span Average 10 to 12 years
Temperament Stubborn, Tenacious, Intelligent, Strong Willed, Protective, Aloof
Height Female: 61–71 cm Male: 66–76 cm
Weight Male: 45.4–72.6 kg Female: 34–54.4 kg
Colors Blue Gray, Black, Brown, Black & Tan, Red Gold, Brown & Tan

Chow Chow
Life span 9 - 15 years
Temperament Aloof, Independent, Loyal, Quiet
Height Male: 19–22 inches (48–56 cm) Female: 18–20 inches (46–51 cm)
Weight Male: 20–32 kg Female: 20–32 kg
Colors Fawn, Black, Cream, Red

Lhasa Apso
Life span 12 - 14 years
Temperament Energetic, Playful, Fearless, Friendly, Assertive, Intelligent, Lively, Spirited, Steady, Devoted, Obedient, Alert
Height Female: 25–28 cm Male: 25–28 cm
Weight Female: 5–7 kg Male: 6–8 kg
Colors Black, Golden, Sandy, Honey, Dark Grizzle, Brown


Neapolitan Mastiff
The shoulder height is 65 - 75cm (25.5 - 29.5in) for dogs and 60 - 68cm (23.5 - 26.5in) for bitches.Weight:
50 - 70kg (110 - 154lb)

Like many dogs originally bred for fighting, the Neapolitan mastiff is devoted to and fiercely protective of his family. The dog can be somewhat dominant towards other dogs that they meet, but with regard to children they are generally always loving, provided the children do not tease them.

The coat is short-haired and most usually blue-grey; they can also be grey, black, brown, and fox red. All colours may be broken. A little white on the chest or feet is permitted.

Great Dane
The shoulder height is a minimum of 80cm (31.5in) for dogs and 72cm (28.5in) for bitches. There is no maximum standard and generally people like the dogs to be well over the minimum.

These dogs weight 50kg (110lb) upwards, depending upon the size and sex.

Generally Great Danes get on perfectly well with their own kind, other household pets, and children. Most of they are rather uncertain of strangers but friends of the family will be warmly greeted.

They have short smooth-haired coats which have accepted colours: yellow (which can be streaked) with a black face; black, perhaps with a little white, or white with black spots (known as harlequin and the only variety permitted to have blue eyes and partially flesh colored muzzle); and blue. Two other colours are accepted in some countries. These are the "mantel" which has a black coat covering almost all the dog like a mantel, with white showing on just the chest, neck, blaze, belly, legs, and tip of the tail; with the other variety, this mantel is broken with white. Both are considered as black in some countries. The different colours are not interbred.

The shoulder-height is about 35cm (13.5in).

They weight about 7kg (15.5lb).

Pugs get on well with other dogs and pets, and they behave perfectly with both children and visitors. They can be very jealous if their owner's attention goes elsewhere thus demands lots of attention.

They come mostly in short-hair coat which can be silver, black, apricot or fawn. Paler colours should have clearly defined black mask and ears.

Males: 57 - 63cm (22 - 25in).
Females: 53 - 59cm (21 - 23in).
Males: 30 - 32kg (66 - 70lb)
Females: 25 - 27kg (55 - 60lb)

Boxers are known for the way they get on so well with children. A well brought-up and properly socialized Boxer will also get on with his own kind and other household pets.

The Boxer has a short smooth-haired coat. They are either brindle or yellow, possibly with white markings and a dark face the white should not cover more than a third of the dog.

Golden Retriever
The shoulder-height is 56 - 61 (22 - 24in) for males, and 51 - 56 (20 - 22in) for females.

Males 27 - 36kg (60 - 80lb), females 25 - 32kg (55 - 70lb).

Dogs of this breed get on fine with other dogs, animals, and children, although the dog might need protection from the children. Most of these dogs become real friends with humans although some can be very vigilant and cautious with unknown visitors.

The colour is any shade of gold or cream, but neither red nor mahogany and the texture of the hair is flat or wavy with good feathering and a dense, water-resistant undercoat.

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