Dog Stud

Dog Stud

Starting from N25,000

Find a Strong male breed for your Bitch. There are two options Your dog would either be fully boarded at our facility for Five Days during the mating period or Second option is that your dog would be pickup from your home in the morning and be dropped later in the evening for three days.

To know that your dog is ready for mating check for Red discharge from the vulva, Enlargement of vulva, Temperature increase and appetite changes

Male Rottweiler
25,000 Naira

Male Bull Mastiff
36,000 Naira

Male Boerboel
33,000 Naira

Male Samoyed
25,000 Naira

Male German Shepherd
21,000 Naira

Male Great Dane
45,000 Naira

Male Doberman
28,000 Naira

Male Saint Bernard
42,000 Naira

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