Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Concierge?

A concierge, pronounced “cawn-see-airzsh” is one of the oldest professions dating back over 800 years. The term originated from the French Comte Des Cierges, meaning “the keeper of the candles.” A concierge centred on tending to the needs of nobility who were visiting the castles and palaces in Europe.
Today, one does not have to be nobility to enjoy ‘tending to”. Our services contribute to improving our client's personal and professional lives by shifting their time focus to the things they prefer to do rather than the things they have to do.

What can Pukena Concierge Services provide?

Pukena Concierge Services makes life easy for you by bringing top rated professional services to your door step. We are your digital Personal Assistant! Right on Pukena, you can hire top rated professional service providers such as house cleaners, plumbers, web designers, caterers, electricians, etc to serve you right in the comfort of your home or office. We have carefully screened and selected the best service providers in your neighborhood after careful and deliberate background check for authenticity, insurance and licensing where applicable.

What are your office hours?

When requesting a job you can indicate what time you need the job to take place and we’ll find Pros who are available on that day and time. Generally, Our Pros are available Monday through Sunday between 8am and 8pm. However, we have quite a few night owls and early risers that can help with jobs that need to take place outside of this range!

The Pukena team hours are Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm, Saturday between 10am and 5pm, and Sunday from midday to 5pm.

How quickly will you respond to my request?

We will reply to your requests in minutes not exceeding 24 hours.

What areas do you handle?

We have Concierges and Personal Assistants in some parts of Lagos such as Surulere andOkota. We are fast spreading to other parts of Lagos.

How do you ensure the service providers are trustworthy?

Each service provider is subject to the following:

  • They are recommended to us- either by a homeowner, or by one of our trusted service providers.
  • We use BCI to verify their identities, addresses amd bank accounts.
  • We call their references, and post their experiences online. Each of these reviews descibes the service provided and gives detailed feedback on the service provider, including a trustworthiness rating
  • We also spend time meeting with service providers to decide if they make the cut. Thereafter, the ones that meet our strict criteria for onboarding are invited to a 6-week intensive to specially train them on professional service delivery practices.

Can I recommend my own service provider to Pukena?

Yes! If you use a service provider who deserves to be recognised for their good wrk, you can nominate them to be promoted on our site.

What forms of payment do you provide?

We accept most forms of payment including Cash on Delivery POS via Visa, MasterCard, payments.

What is your Privacy Policy?

All personal and credit card information collected will remain strictly confidential. We never sell or share any information about our clients. We are discreet and confidential about our dealings with our clients.

Is my personal information safe?

Pukena Concierge Services understands that your home, credit cards and personal information must be closely guarded information. Security and safety is our paramount concern. As a preferred client, your personal information is confidential and secure. All Pukena Service Providers are screened with background checks, drug testing and are insured.

What if I need a service that is not on your list?

Just ask. We are willing to assist you with almost anything. As long as it is not deemed dangerous, illegal or unethical, we are happy to accommodate you as best as we can.

Can I amend or cancel my delivery?

If you wish to amend or cancel your order, please call Pukena Concierge Customer Service on 08186611862 as early as possible. Depending on the timing of the cancellation or the nature of the amendment some additional charges may be incurred.

Where is your office?

39 Bode Thomas, (First Floor), Surulere, Lagos

What services are available on Pukena?

Our passionate network of Pros offer services across 9 categories ranging from event services, home maintenance services, to educational services. Select a category here to see the complete list of services in that field. If your service isn't listed click on the link to describe your project  and location of the job, and we'll do our best to match you with the right Pro.