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The demand for high quality professionals is increasing everyday. This surge in popularity is driven by the demands of today's employers for well trained and dynamic blue and white collar professionals that can immediately interpret their needs and implement them quickly with less cost and casualty.

We know the role that quality tutoring and mentoring can play in the development of an ambitious service professional. The best professionals are not only able to deliver world-class services to users, they also have an updated understanding of how to relate well with their clients and ensure they are satisfied and happy and be ready to offer post service support to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Our curriculum is designed to help you have a strong customer service-oriented background and develop the ability to learn quickly and apply what you know on either your business, your projects or for your new employers.


This course is designed to radically improve the professionalism of every PukenaPro before they are posted to a job. Click to explore the courses available

This is an advanced mentoring program designed for those who wants to learn a trade or a particular skill area under Pukena accredited professionals

Learn how to start a business with this free 9-week online course. 5 companies who complete the course will also receive N100,000 equity-free grant



Register for the particular program of your choice. Make sure to provide correct details in the application form.


For the paid programs, pay the corresponding tuition direct to the bank account provided, either by card or through bank transfer and be sure to keep your payment details for verification purposes.


Turn up and get started on your journey to complete upgrade and transformation in your life and business.

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