Ok, I hate posting my numbers in public, except when I talk to investors.

I am not a full time internet marketer so this is not your usual sales page…


I am not a full time website designer.

My company, Pukena connects thousands of people every month to verified digital experts, including website designers, and we make money through transaction fees. So even though I can design amazing websites, but due to time constraints, I usually outsource 100% of requests to our partners.

So yes…

I am a full time business executive leading a team of 5 full time employees and over 500 active ad-hoc staff in different service categories. In fact, we make crazy morning from running one of the largest fleets on Uber/Bolt. So I was ok… or so I thought!

Then the lockdown!

When the lockdown was announced for the initial two weeks, we had to shut down everything and go home. Everything.

Well, it’s just for 2 weeks! I thought…that shouldn’t hurt…

I made adequate provision for the first 2 weeks in cash and stocking up my house. No need for extra cash, I thought. Only one of my accounts was accessible with ATM. The others I had to enter the bank to make transfers. I like it that way.

So I smiled home on the last day before the lockdown resumed. I was going to be just fine. It would be a much needed rest after a tough first 2 months of the year.

Now, I am usually a very good planner. I had money till the last day of the first 2 weeks of lockdown. All my hope was that, by Monday, I will just stroll to the bank and get some money from one of my other accounts; buy fuel for the car and get to the office to resume my daily fights with my drivers!

Then the president extended the lockdown!

I was at first, confused. Then my confusion metamorphosed into real fear! How was I going to survive another 2 weeks without an access to my money!

Then I saw it!

Many people are migrating to online businesses due to the lockdown. Most of them will need a professional to help them setup. I smiled to myself. I can still survive this.

That Monday morning, I put up a post on my Facebook wall for anyone who wants to set up an ecommerce website or online school, I will be glad to help.

Soon, my DM was buzzing with enquiries and I selected only 3 juicy offers that I can tackle personally. I sent 2 to one of my partners.

Those 3 websites brought in N250k in profit! I didn’t have to wait for the lockdown to be over anymore!

Oh wait! Am I hearing this lockdown might be extended for another 2 weeks?

What would you do about it? Nothing?

Sure there is something good you can do for yourself for the next 2 weeks..

How about I teach you how to design a professional ecommerce website for the next 2 weeks for free?

Would you like that?

I called it “14-Day free Website Design Challenge”

This 14 days online course will teach you exactly how to build an ecommerce site with WordPress, along with the most popular WordPress plugin/add-on, woo commerce.

After completing this course, you will be prepared to start your own online business using custom products and WordPress with minimal upfront costs.

I will walk you through every step in how to use WordPress to build an ecommerce website through a 14 intensive intensive online training.

By the end of this course, you will be able to build unlimited professional ecommerce wordpress websites of your own or for your clients

In 14 days, we shall be covering the following areas:

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Domain name and hosting
  • Installation of WordPress in cpanel
  • Creating your first WordPress site
  • Converting your WordPress site to an online store
  • Adding different types of products to your online store
  • Payment integration

How to Join the Challenge in 3 simple steps:

  1. Register with the form below
  2. You will be redirected to the page where you are to download the course bundle for a discount price of N5,000 (75% off the original price). It’s important you get this bundle to participate in the challenge.
  3. Download zoom to be able to join the live discussions, weekly assessment, Q&A. 

Format of the Challenge

Day 1: Monday 3pm-Live Session with Instructor to welcome students and set the rules of the challenge.

Day 2-6: Students are to work remotely with the course bundle and note down there challenges. They can call in intermittently for help from instructor

Day 7: Live session with instructor for assessment, Q&A session

Day 8-13: More work on the web project by students. Tidying up things

Day 14: Review and final assessment by instructor. Best 3 students will join our exclusive Pukena Digital Partners Group, where we distribute job requests to members weekly.