Join us to raise a new generation of service professionals!

Now you have a chance to make a difference and touch lives by becoming part of the story of someone’s professional development.

Pukena Academy Volunteers are professional men and women, who are experienced entrepreneurs, artistes, sportsmen and business executives, with a passion to contribute towards transforming the informal sector and raise a new breed of service professionals in Nigeria. This they are willing to do without pay or other tangible gain.

Keys areas to volunteer at Pukena Academy include:

  • Teaching and facilitating at Pukena Academy training and development programs.
  • Mentoring
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Business consultancy services

Pukena Facilitators

Pukena Academy  offers a practical and detailed curriculum covering a wide range of service areas, technology and soft skills. These programmes are run through the help of our volunteer facilitators. 

Pukena Mentors

The main purpose of Pukena Apprenticeship programme is to enhance the apprentice’ personal and professional development by exposing them to real life, hands-on experience in their chosen fields. A Pukena Mentor adopts a verified apprentice for a period of time and facilitates his professional development over a specified period of time. 

Requirements for Volunteering at Pukena Academy

  • Have a minimum of 5 years of running a successful business 
  • or Must be employed by a reputable company with atleast 5 years management experience.
  • Have a minimum of a tertiary certificate e.g B.Sc from an accredited institution
  • Must be available for a least two (2) sessions (or 6 hours) per year
  • Provide a professional referral
  • Be willing to facilitate pro-bono (at no cost). Tea of coffee will be served hot…
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