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startup network

Join a large network of startup founders across Africa. Find entrepreneurs near you and build meaningful connections.


Learn how to tell your story to customers and investors. You'll have the opportunity to share what you're working on with the public.


Cut startup costs and get discounts from the best in the business


Exclusive access to a forum of all Startup School founders. Get feedback, support and help from the community.


Engage with fellow companies. Participate in weekly group office hours and set goals for your company. Grow together


First hand experience of how to keep your company going. Complete the course for a chance at N100k in funding.

success stories

“The primary benefit for us was meeting with other founders and our group mentor on a weekly basis. Our mentor, provided creative and actionable advice on how to capitalize on the opportunities that come our way.”
Josh-Founder, Charis
“Startup School helped me launch my startup. It was a spring board to what has become a promising B2B company handling haulage and logistics across Nigeria and some African countries. Thank you Pukena
Nelly-Founder, Zuoora

Week 1

How to Succeed with a Startup | Startup Legal Mechanics

Week 2

Building Product | Finding Product Market Fit-Case Study

Week 3

How to Get Users and Grow | How to Measure Your Product

Week 4

Design for Startups Part 1 | PR and Content for Growth | Design for Startups Part 2

Week 5

Sales and Building a Sales Team | Building an Engineering Team

Week 6

Running Your Startup | Managing Your Psychology as a Founder

Week 7

Startup Technology-CTO Advice | Fundraising Fundamentals

Week 8

All You Need to Know About Safes, Notes, and Equity | Investor Meetings

Week 9

The Path to $100B | How to Talk to Users

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