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Android App Dev

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Considered as the most viral platform for mobile devices, business of Android app development in Nigeria is becoming even bigger than SaaS or desktop app development.  Such high demand for Android developers has given rise to our android app development services in Nigeria. Pukena Digital Services is your one-stop shop for top-notch android app development services with clients all around the globe. Our expertise in developing business oriented apps while deploying rich features and functionality makes our android app development services the best in Nigeria with modest plans.

With years of experience in Android application development in Nigeria, we have the efficacy to handle the following:

  • Android Software Development Kit
  • Android Media APIs
  • Android Security Architecture

Why Us?

  • Purpose-oriented Apps within convenient plans
  • Round the clock live support through mail, chat and voice.
  • Development done according to most recent updates and stable strategies.
  • Auto sync on any platform ( Mobile or Computer) helps you pick up where you left.
  • Engaging and user friendly apps.
  • Quick Response for Queries and keep full transparency about the work and policies.

Our Android Application Development Services in Nigeria:

  • Custom Android Application Development
  • Android Apps for Markets, Advertisements and Promotions
  • Client-Server Applications
  • Location-based Android Apps
  • Android Apps for Travel, Entertainment, and Lifestyle
  • Games Application Development
  • Android Security Apps and so on