Unveiling Pukena Academy

The Mission Statement

People in need of services hardly get excellent service provided by service experts. Most service providers are not trustworthy, excellent in their service delivery, professional and structured in their operational procedures.

Excellence service is lacking to these users who are willing to pay more if they can just have what they ask for.

There is an urgent need for a change and transformation of attitude that accepts low standard of service, high level of call backs and waste of money.

What if we have a business model that...?

  • Reduces services provider complaint rate by 40%, 50% or more?
  • Improves the level of trust users have on our local artisans and service providers.
  • Creates a change in attitude with our community of service providers and cultivates excellence in their jobs.
  • Produce a better workforce and professionals, thereby improving the already battered image of Nigeria as a country that accepts mediocrity as a standard.
  • Shifts the focus of our service providers from immediate gain to providing quality first before getting rewarded
  • Improve and elevate the status of our service providers into an organized sector of service professionals.
  • Ultimately revolutionizes the relationship between the Nigerian middle class and the service providers.
  • Develops an intense verification and development strategies in a cost effective way and also making money in the process.

The users are used to saying...

  • Most Nigerians service providers are not properly trained.
  • They never keep to time
  • They get paid and abandon the project
  • The few good ones are too costly
  • Can’t get a quality service provider for what we can pay.

What if we develop a system to handle all these concerns?

 Pukena Academy is the Solution

At the heart of Pukena is the recruitment and deployment system to discover, develop and deploy specially trained artisans and professional service providers to high end users in need of quality home maintenance and other professional services.

Pukena Academy will integrate a comprehensive training and development component designed to redefine how the so called service providers value the nature of their business as a source of joy and satisfaction to the end users.

The Model

Pukena Academy is a life academy; a continuous intense experience that demands high participation, commitment and accountability from its students, but offers even greater benefits to the student, industry and community in the long term. It is transformative, sustainable lifelong experience that instills vision and professionalism in its participants.

As a life academy, Pukena Academy’s primary purpose is to create world-class service professionals for end users in the service industry

How It Works

  • Intending Pukena Pros will be engaged for 6 weeks in a high energy, high-intensity, transformative experience, complete with in-depth course modules, mastermind sessions and work-out sessions with the contributions of top business executives, athletes, personal development coaches, industry experts and so on.
  • After the 6 weeks, Pukena Academy graduates will continue their development by attending a three-hour seminar once per week at the Pukena Academy Centre.
  • Each Pukena Academy graduate joins the exclusive whatsapp group for long term coaching, and mentoring.
  • Mastermind groups of seven each led by a Pukena facilitator to share experiences, learning difficulties , work-related frustrations and successes, as each member grows to be more successful by assimilating he tools, training, and development coaching they are provided on a week-to-week basis.

Pukena Academy Centres would be established in all our 12 zonal centres in Lagos.

The Result

What end users will get from a Pukena Academy graduate is an individual who transcends what the end user has been conditioned to expect- they will get a world-class service provider.

What Pukena Pros (Pukena Academy graduates) will get is the support of a company that is involved in their development, that helps them more up the ladder of excellence, one rung at a time.

Pukena gets paid by its customers who would rely on the company to supply highly trained and verified service providers.

It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!              

2018 Academic Calendar

Feb5th-March 16th

Stream I

April 2nd- July 13th

Stream II

Aug 6th- Sept 14th

Stream III

Oct 8th- Nov 9th

Stream IV


How to Participate

  • Fill the Pukena Pro Application form online: www.pukena.ng/pro-page
  • You will get a special invite on your email with your seat no and session details. We have a long list of interested participants and only a limited space of 40 per batch. So we will do it batch by batch on first come first serve basis

Only Pukena Pros who have completed or are in the process of completing the process would be given projects to execute. Graduates of Pukena Academy would be given a dedicated profile on our official website with the revered verified badge.