Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Concierge?

A concierge, pronounced “cawn-see-airzsh” is one of the oldest professions dating back over 800 years. The term originated from the French Comte Des Cierges, meaning “the keeper of the candles.” A concierge centred on tending to the needs of nobility who were visiting the castles and palaces in Europe.
Today, one does not have to be nobility to enjoy ‘tending to”. Our services contribute to improving our client's personal and professional lives by shifting their time focus to the things they prefer to do rather than the things they have to do.

What can Pukena Concierge Services provide?

Pukena Concierge Services makes life easy for you by bringing top rated professional services to your door step. We are your digital Personal Assistant! Right on Pukena, you can hire top rated professional service providers such as house cleaners, plumbers, web designers, caterers, electricians, etc to serve you right in the comfort of your home or office. We have carefully screened and selected the best service providers in your neighborhood after careful and deliberate background check for authenticity, insurance and licensing where applicable.

What are your office hours?

When requesting a job you can indicate what time you need the job to take place and we’ll find Pros who are available on that day and time. Generally, Our Pros are available Monday through Sunday between 8am and 8pm. However, we have quite a few night owls and early risers that can help with jobs that need to take place outside of this range!

The Pukena team hours are Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm, Saturday between 10am and 5pm, and Sunday from midday to 5pm.

How quickly will you respond to my request?

We will reply to your requests in minutes not exceeding 24 hours.

What areas do you handle?

We have Concierges and Personal Assistants in every part of Lagos with two operational offices in Bode Thomas, Suruelre and Lekki Phase 1. We are fast spreading to other parts of Lagos.

How do you ensure the service providers are trustworthy?

Each service provider is subject to the following:

  • They are recommended to us- either by a homeowner, or by one of our trusted service providers.
  • We use BCI to verify their identities, addresses amd bank accounts.
  • We call their references, and post their experiences online. Each of these reviews descibes the service provided and gives detailed feedback on the service provider, including a trustworthiness rating
  • We also spend time meeting with service providers to decide if they make the cut. Thereafter, the ones that meet our strict criteria for onboarding are invited to a 6-week intensive to specially train them on professional service delivery practices.

Can I recommend my own service provider to Pukena?

Yes! If you use a service provider who deserves to be recognised for their good work, you can nominate them to be promoted on our site.

What forms of payment do you provide?

We accept most forms of payment including Cash on Delivery POS via Visa, MasterCard, payments.

What is your Privacy Policy?

All personal and credit card information collected will remain strictly confidential. We never sell or share any information about our clients. We are discreet and confidential about our dealings with our clients.

Is my personal information safe?

Pukena Concierge Services understands that your home, credit cards and personal information must be closely guarded information. Security and safety is our paramount concern. As a preferred client, your personal information is confidential and secure. All Pukena Service Providers are screened with background checks, drug testing and are insured.

What if I need a service that is not on your list?

Just ask. We are willing to assist you with almost anything. As long as it is not deemed dangerous, illegal or unethical, we are happy to accommodate you as best as we can.

Can I amend or cancel my delivery?

If you wish to amend or cancel your order, please call Pukena Concierge Customer Service on 08168411237 as early as possible. Depending on the timing of the cancellation or the nature of the amendment some additional charges may be incurred.

Where is your office?

39 Bode Thomas, (First Floor), Surulere, Lagos and 2nd Floor Providence House, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1

What services are available on Pukena?

Our passionate network of Pros offer services across 6 categories ranging from event services, home maintenance services, to educational services. Select a category here to see the complete list of services in that field. If your service isn't listed click on the link to describe your project  and location of the job, and we'll do our best to match you with the right Pro.

Why Finder's Fee?

We incur several costs in finding the best services providers closest to you which may slow down the process. The fee helps to reduce cost so that we can respond faster. Due to the volume of requests we receive, paying the finder's fee ensures we can prioritize your request as a sign of commitment shown on your part. 

This is required to process your request and get you the best service provider. If we aren't able to get you a reliable service within your stipulated deadline, we'll request your bank details and refund your payment. 

Who takes Responsibility for any Mishaps or Damages caused by Handyman, if any?

All our artisans and professionals are our employees and hence we are liable for any mishap or damages caused by our handymen and professionals in the course of their duties. Hence we have an indemnity insurance up to N1,000,000 in place to cover for damages. However all adequate measures have been take by us to forestall any possibility of damages. You are 100% protected.

How do I make payment?

It depends on the type of service you are ordering. Some services require that you make an upfront payment called Finder's fee before we begin to process your order. This payment can be made either by bank transfer or through Paystack card transaction. When such jobs are completely, you can pay cash or through bank transfer or by use of card.

However, some services have fixed prices so you are required to make complete payment by by bank transfer or card before we begin to process your order.  

How Pricing Works

Pricing varies amongst the professionals on our platform, as our Pros are independent contractors and each have different levels of experience or skills. To ensure that you receive a fair range of prices we aim to provide you with a minimum of 3 quotes per job. The Finder's Fee is not part of the quote. All quotes are non-negotiable, therefore by selecting a Pro you are agreeing to pay Lynk the quoted amount.

For jobs that require materials you will receive a quote that lists the cost of the job and the cost of materials. Quotes are monitored to enusre that customers receive accurate prices for materials. A downpayment for the cost of materials is required when you select your Pro.

Creating an Account

You can sign up using the link on our navigation menu. A valid email address, phone number, and password are required to make an account. You will receive a confirmation link via email. Once you have confirmed your account you will be able to access your dashboard. Here you can manage requests, view your balance, and manage payments and invoices.


As a company, we’re committed to making sure that our Pros complete every job to satisfaction. If a job is not completed to the agreed upon specifications, simply reply to the project conclusion email within 24 hours, and our job management team will work with the professional to address any outstanding issues. Please note that payment is released to the Pro 24 hours after job completion, therefore complaints must be shared before this time.

In some cases, our professionals provide warranties for newly procured parts, or completed jobs. The professionals communicate the warranties when they share their quote and you can see the details and duration of the warranty while reviewing quotes. If you experience a related problem during the warranty period, let us know by replying to the payment confirmation email you received after the job was concluded. Our team will coordinate with the professional to fix the issue at the earliest mutually convenient date.

Press Enquiries

If you are a member of the press and are interested in learning more about our company, or the incredible Professionals on the Pukena platform, we’d love to hear from you! Please direct inquiries to info@pukena.ng

How We Select Our Pros

We search far and wide to find the best professionals in Lagos, through partnerships with professional associations and training schools, recommendations, and direct outreach. We screen all applicants, followed by interviews, tests, and verification of any certificates. For all full-time matches (like nannies and housekeepers), we also do full reference checks. 

How We Manage Pros

As a social enterprise, we care deeply about all the Pros in our system, and are constantly looking for ways to help them grow through jobs and products we offer. We conduct trainings ourselves where possible, and seek training partnerships where we can. We demand high standards from all Pukena Pros, and they are all introduced to the Pukena Quality Standards at orientation. These standards require not just excellent technical workmanship, but timeliness and good communication. 

We have a strict three strikes rule to remove Pros from the system if they underperform. Pros accused of serious misconduct are immediately removed. We also consistently review Pro's speciality skills - a skill can be added if they build a new skill area, or if we discover that a Pro is not as good at one skill as the others, that skill will be removed from their profile. This ensures that we're always querying the right Pros for each job - what you see on a Pro's profile is what you get!

Pro Profiles

Pro profiles are designed to help you learn more about a Pro. To view a profile simply select a Pro's name in a quote or on your dashboard of jobs. In the header of a Pro profile you can view a Pro's photo, star rating, timeliness and communication rating, as well as the number of jobs they've completed through Pukena. Below a Pro's photo you'll find their Pukena badges, these are awarded by us when a Pro completes a partner-run training or wins the Pro of the month award. Select a Pro's experience box and bio to read more about their education, employment, and passions.

The table in a Pro's profile lists their categories and related information. Selecting a category along the top of the table allows you to view a collection of information related to that profession. This includes a ranking of their subskills, a gallery of their work, reviews by Pukena customers and outside references, as well as frequent questions they are asked. To book a Pro from their profile click on the button in the top right and select the service you require.

Booking the Right Pro

When you make a request, we ask you a variety of questions to accurately determine the scope of the job. This helps our system determine the best suited professionals, ensuring that we only solicit quotes from Pros that have the exact skills and experience you need. For example, if you are looking for a carpenter to help you sand and varnish your wooden floor, seeing profiles of carpenters who are excellent at building furniture could be quite misleading or confusing. We work hard to keep track of the various subskills that each Pro possesses to make sure that you see only those professionals who are well suited for your request. 

When reviewing quotes from multiple Pros, you can visit each one's profile to see more details about the subskills they possess, as well as their work experience, previous jobs and ratings, and other details to help you find your preferred Pro. 

Rebooking a Pro

There are two ways to book a Pro you've been matched with previously. To rebook a Pro for the exact same service select the completed jobs tab on your dashboard and click on the 'Rebook' button to the right of the Pro's name. When you rebook a Pro for the same service the same rate applies. You will receive a confirmation SMS for the job once the Pro confirms their availability. 

To rebook a Pro for a different service navigate to their Pro profile and use the 'Book Me' button to select the service you would like. You will receive a quote for the job within 24 hours, book the job to confirm the Pro's rate and the scheduled time.

Rewarding Pros

To reward a Pro for their exceptional work, please use the rating request to give them 5 stars on the job, a thumbs up on relevant subskills, score their timeliness and communication skills, and to leave any additional comments. If a Pro's quality of work and/or professionalism is sub-par please rate them accordingly and provide us with specific feedback in the comments section. A Pro's rating is an average of their completed jobs, therefore they do not see the specific rating a customer gives them. 

Ratings and reviews are an integral part of the Pukena platform. Ratings allow us to reward our top Pros and to ensure that our database contains only the best. We monitor your feedback continuously and routinely remove Pros with low ratings from the platform.

How to Become a PukenaPro

We are always looking for passionate, reliable, and qualified Pros.

To become a Lynk Pro please check out our Become a PukenaPro page. Do provide us with enough information on your speciality skills, and experience. Our team will follow up with you as soon as we can.

If you know of a Professional who would be an excellent Lynk Pro please Recommend a Pro here.

Request for Large/Sensitive Job

For large jobs such as home furnishing, renovations, minor construction, or unique creations - Pukena has a dedicated project management team led by terrific designers, construction managers, and engineers. Based on the size, scope or complexity of the request, we will assign a relevant project manager. 

For very large projects we have a set project management process including project phasing, dedicated supervisors, specialist finishing teams etc. to ensure that the project goes well.

Understanding Quotes

We will notify you via SMS and email when quotes for your job request are ready. To view your quotes and Pro profiles follow the link in the SMS or email. We aim to provide you with 3 quotes for a job. The quotes list the Pro's name, their star rating, labour cost, and the material cost (only applies for jobs that require materials). To view a Pro's profile from a quote select their name. 

To book a Pro from the list of quotes you receive simply select the book me button at the bottom of their quote. By selecting a Pro you are agreeing to pay Pukena the quoted total, and confirming the scheduled job time. Quotes are only valid for 24 hours, as our Pros will need to commit to other jobs if things take too long. So make sure that you book your favourite Pro within time!

Site Visits

For some requests, where the issue is more technical or difficult to convey through a request flow our Pros might request to conduct a "Site Visit" in order to provide an accurate quote. When reviewing responses from Pros you will see which ones requested a site visit and can choose who you would like to schedule a visit with and when. We recommend that you suggest several times for site visits to increase the likelihood that a mutually convenient time is found. 

Cost for Full-Time Pro

Unlike agencies, which charge a high price for placement and then disappear, we’re committed to making sure that full time Pro matches truly work. Thats why we use a pricing model that is tailored to our efforts to build a long lasting relationship. Pukena charges 30% of first month's salary as a matching fee, however, this cost is spread across a three month probationary period and is only paid in full if the probationary period is concluded successfully. 

Each month, Pukena will send an invoice for the full-time Pro's monthly salary + 10% Pukena service fee. Pukena will settle the salary payment with the Pro and retain its 10% each month for the 3 month period. If the probationary period ends early payments will be prorated up to the final day.


When recruiting full time Pros through Pukena, you have the option of interviewing your preferred candidate(s) before you begin a trial period. The Pukena platform allows you to suggest the location and time periods that are convenient for each candidate’s interview and our team will work hard to coordinate an interview schedule that is convenient for you. After the interviews, our job satisfaction managers will check in with you collect your feedback and help you find the perfect match!


Many customers choose to organize a "trial period" with prospective candidates before engaging in a more permanent working relationship. Our job satisfaction managers are happy to help organize a trial period with all of the candidates you're interested in working with. During a trial period, the Pukena professional's monthly salary is prorated into a daily rate and you are charged the corresponding daily rate for each of the days worked.

Probationary Period

After helping a few families find wonderful domestic workers, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to develop a great placement. Thats why, instead of charging a placement fee, we set up a 3 month probationary period where we stay involved to set the relationship off on the right foot. Our job satisfaction managers will check in with the Pro on a weekly basis to create workplans, organize schedules, and find other ways to ensure a good fit. They will also check in with you at pre-determined times to see how the relationship is developing and what more can be done to help improve the relationship. 

If at any time during the probationary period you have a problem or are unhappy with a Pro that you are working with, you can contact your assigned Pukena satisfaction manager who can help you resolve the issue or find a replacement candidate.

Pukena Credit

Pukena offers customers credit for participating in special promotions and referral campaigns. You will receive an email notification when you earn Pukena credit. Your credit will appear in the balance on your dashboard. To apply credit to a job begin the checkout process and your credit amount will automatically be deducted from the amount you owe. Credit received for a particular service will only be deducted when you checkout for a job in that category.

Problem with my Pro

Our goal is to make working with informal sector professionals safe, fair, and very easy. Unfortunately this isn't always the case and occasionally things go wrong. This is why we have a dedicated job satisfaction team designed to resolve any issue that comes up in the best and fastest way possible. Whether it's a Pukena Pro running late, a job not finished properly, or any other issue - just send us an email to let us know what happened. One of our job satisfaction managers will get back to you immediately to find a solution.

Additionally, anytime you have a negative experience with a Pukena Pro we would appreciate it if you could share your frustration in the rating form that you receive after the job is complete. Keeping track of both good and bad experiences is incredibly important not only to help future customers decide who to work with, but also to help the professional identify areas of improvement.

Please note that Pros who are responsible for any serious infractions, or are consistently receiving low ratings or complaints, will be immediately removed from the Pukena platform and will not be eligible to receive job requests in the future.

Job Cancelled by Pro

We're sorry to hear that your Pro has cancelled a scheduled job. We have a strict policy in place to ensure that you receive the best service on our platform.

If a Pro cancels a job you are guaranteed the same rate for the job. You will receive quotes from other Pro's within 24 hours, these will be for the same amount and will allow you to select the Pro you have the most confidence in. After you select your Pro a new time will be scheduled, and the job will proceed on the agreed upon day.

No fees are incurred for jobs cancelled by Pros.