Full-Time Driver

Full-Time Driver


Engage smart drivers on-demand. Get a professionally trained full-time driver within 24 hours or less.

When you outsource driver employment to us, Pukena will ensure all your needs are met, and relieve you of the details of hiring and employing so you have more time to focus on the core of your business.

Why You Need to Hire Professional Drivers from Pukena?

Hiring professional drivers in Lagos from Pukena will guarantee you some peace of mind. Here are some benefits to you when you hire professional drivers in Lagos from Pukena:

  • Ability to hit the ground running;
  • Access to our continuously increasing pool of readily profiled and proven professional Drivers
  • Eliminates the need to advertise directly
  • Access to free replacements per Driver upon dissatisfaction or unexpected exit
  • Increased quality of hire given Pukena's thorough Recruitment Processes
  • Substantially reduced time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.

Full Time Plans

One-Off Plan: N25,000 per driver

Client is responsible for driver's salary, health management, pension contribution, etc

  • Comprehensive information on driver
  • Verified guarantors' information
  • 72 hours compatibility assessment
  • Replacement assurance all year long
  • Service Level Agreement
  • You pay the driver monthly salaries and other statutory benefits as a full time staff of your company or home

PukenaPro Plan: N10,000 per driver

Pukena shall be responsible for driver's salary, provisions, health management, etc 

  • Comprehensive information on driver
  • 72 hours compatibility assessment 
  • Service Level Agreement 
  • Monthly management fee paid to Pukena
  • Verified Guarantors' information