Short-Term Driver

Short-Term Driver

Pay per Trip

Hire Part Time Drivers in Lagos, Per Day or Per Trip

For your short trips such as weddings, daily meetings, out-of-town trips, family vacations, etc, our specially trained Pukena drivers offers you the best options and saves you the time to search for a reliable driver.

Our Part Time Driver Services

Driver for a Day (Starts at N15,000)

Reserve a driver to take you anywhere you want to go in the comfort of your own car. The driver will call you prior to the reservation to introduce themselves and to confirm details. They will arrive, drive you anywhere you want to go, wait for you, and take you back when ready. The driver is at your beck and call.

Our drivers are professionally trained individuals dedicated to your safety and comfort. The assigned driver would work with you  for 10 hours in a day. Extra hours beyond 10 hours are charged at 1,000 naira hourly. This service starts at N15,000 daily (for 10 hours)

Driver for an Hour (Starts at N2,000)

You don't need a driver for a full day? Not to worry. You can hire a driver from Pukena for short errands such as pickup services, wedding drop offs, school runs, etc and you will be billed hourly. You can hire a personal driver for 1 hour, 2 hours or for the entire day. Please note that factors such as traffic, routes, stoppages, vehicle malfunction and similar issues does not affect our hourly billing. This means, Pukena is not liable for any of these issues during the job as they are not within our control. Billing is done at the end of trip. Billing starts from N2,000 per hour.

Because we take meticulous care in reviewing, screening and selecting our personal drivers, you can trust in our outstanding service and safety standards.

Interstate Drivers (Get a Quote)

Looking for drivers who can drive you or your family on trips outside Lagos? Look no further. You can now reserve a driver to take you to any state in Nigeria in the comfort of your own car. After reservation, the driver will call you prior to the reservation to introduce themselves and to confirm details. They will arrive and the pickup location on the date you want to travel to drive you to your location. This cost of this service is based on your destination. A quote will be given to you by our team after your reservation is confirmed.

Pick Up Service (Starts from N5,000 + Mileage)

If you've already driven somewhere and need a ride home, don't worry about calling a taxi or having to pick your car up the next day. Just request a pickup from Pukena, and a team of drivers will arrive to get both you and your car.

Driver(s) for Events (N8,000 per hour per team of 5 drivers)

For a more personalized, chauffeur experience, Pukena's Personal Driver Service allows guests to be picked up, taken to the event and returned back to their original location. Perfect for chauffeuring the happy couple to and from the wedding venue or for getting guests to and from an event, the Personal Driver Service delivers a stress-free transportation option.

Perfect for weddings, parties, or corporate events, this service from Pukena also provides teams of drivers to take your guests and their cars home safely.

We have 2 billing plans for this service: N2,000 per hour per driver or N8,000 per hour per team of 5 drivers. Your driver(s) will be at the location 30 minutes before your reservation time. Your hourly starts counting from the time of reservation.

Concierge Auto Services (Starts 2,000 per hour)

Let our on-demand drivers handle your oil changes, car washes, service visits, and more.

You’ve got better things to do than sit in the waiting room of your car mechanic. Let Pukena give you back your free time by managing all your auto care needs for you, from refueling to oil changes to car washes. Whether you want your car washed at your favourite car wash while you’re at work or would rather spend your weekend with family than getting your tires changed, our pickup and drop off car service has you covered.

This service starts at N2,000 per hour

How it Works

  • Reserve an hourly personal driver for the day and time of your car appointment or needed service. Drivers are reserved on an hourly basis, with a minimum of 4 hours required.
  • Let us know what services you’ll need for your car in the “Notes” section. Your driver will call you after you make your reservation to introduce themselves and confirm your request.
  • Your professional concierge driver will arrive at your requested location to pick up the keys, take your car where it needs to go, and then bring it back safely at the end of service.
  • You can continue about your day knowing one more item is crossed off your list.

It’s important to us to offer outstanding service and high safety standards, which is why we take meticulous care in reviewing, screening and selecting our personal drivers. All of our drivers have professional driving experience and are fully background-checked.

Airport Transportation Service (Starts N2,000 per hour)

Pukena offers affordable transportation to and from the airport in the comfort of your own vehicle. There’s no need to pay daily parking fees or leave your car unprotected in an airport parking garage; Pukena provides the convenience and service of an airport limo or chauffeur at a fraction of the cost. Reserve your ride to the airport today.

For a round trip, a Pukena driver will come to your home and drive you to the airport in your automobile. They will then return the car to your residence and do with the car keys as you wish. The driver will return for your pick up and meet you with your vehicle right at baggage claim. 

Starts at N2,000 per hour. Pricing may vary over or under this price range depending on the travel time to the airport and back