PowerPoint Design

PowerPoint Design

Starting from N5,000

High-end creative design for your most important presentations. We create new slide designs, change master slide layouts, recreate charts/tables, add images/icons and redesign existing slides. If needed, we can also create icons, illustrations, infographics or other advanced graphic designs.

We usually spend 30 minutes to 1 hour per slide for redesigning and visually enhancing a typical 10-slide presentation, subject to the complexity of the graphics and work required. This includes drafting, feedback, quality control and project management. The more slides, the more efficient we are.

Pitch Deck
custom pitch deck for startups, small businesses, and even corporate companies. We design their PowerPoint Presentations with creative and graphic slides to keep the audience or investors stay engaged!
Starting at N5,000 (Up to 15 slides)

Quick Brushup
A quick cleanup, including resizing, aligning and consistently positioning all elements on each slide, as well as ensuring consistent fonts and colors.
Starting at N5,000 (4-6 Slides).

Professional Formatting
Professional, consistent formatting of the highest standard. We ensure that the presentation adheres to your company’s style guide and/or template.
Starting at N5,000 (3-4 Slides)

High-End Design
High-end creative design of your existing presentation. We redesign existing slides, create new slide designs, recreate charts/tables and add images/icons.
Starting at N5,000 (1-2 Slides)

From Sketches, Images or Notes
Presentation design based on your notes, sketches, images or descriptions. We can add visual enhancements, background images and other graphics.
Starting at N5,000 (1-2 Slides)

Template Design
We create a PowerPoint template with master slides exactly as you need them, incorporating brand identity, logo and other elements in your custom template.
Starting at N5,000