Pro Car Washer

Pro Car Washer

Starting from N1500

Hire Pukena Car Washers for Home Service!

A car is never just a car. It’s part of your daily life. Part of who you are.So, when it’s time to get your car washed, you want someone who understands you. Your standards. Your urgency. Someone you can trust to do it right. Someone who’s there to put the shine back on your car. And in your day. Right on Pukena, you can hire car washers online you can trust. We are a completely mobile unit, and thus come to you wherever you want your car washed.

You can trust us to be at your home or office to give you a personalized service. We can drive your car down to your preferred car wash or wash it for you right there in your home or office. You get well-trained people who care about you, your time and your car. You get the customized interior and exterior cleaning options you need. You get a warranty that promises a clean car or we’ll reclean it, free. And you get it all in 15 minutes or less.

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Service Packages

  • Dirt cleaned out
  • Interiors vacuumed
  • Seat & trunk cleaned
  • Exterior body wash
  • Wheels & tyres washed

Our Rates

  • Saloon Car               ₦1,500    
  • SUV & Space Bus    ₦2,000    
  • Truck                        ₦2,500    
  • 14 Seater Bus          ₦3,000    
  • 18 Seater Bus          ₦3,500    
  • 32 Seater Bus          ₦4,000    
  • 36 Seater Bus          ₦4,500

Do you want a recurrent service? Call us so we can plan a suitable monthly service package for you at a highly reduced rate, 08168411237

All our verified Car Washers pass through a rigorous vetting process that includes thorough background checks, criminal records, educational background and emotional intelligence.