Redahlia Workspaces is an amazing workspaces provider with affordable office plans at the heart of Ikeja, fully equiped blazing fast internet connectivity, flexible office plans that suits your business needs and a rich community of fun loving but aggressive entrepreneurs you can collborate with on your projects. They have a rich culture of learning that brings some of Nigeria's top bsuinesses coached to spend time with the community. Thir fun time is top notch complete with good music and nice refrehment to sooth your busy mind.

If you need a place to do business, Redahlia Workspaces is you sure bet!

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Shared Desks
ReDahlia’s Shared Desks plan is designed for single users or small close knit teams. It is semi-private, and comes with all the benefits of any fine serviced office.

Being semi-private, each user is also furnished with their private drawers for the safekeeping of files and documents.

Private Desks
ReDahlia’s Private Desks plan is designed for users who require a little more privacy than others. The Private Desk plan affords users their very own desk and drawers.

Private Desks plan is ideal for freelancers who require a serene and comfortable environment to work.

Private Offices
ReDahlia’s Private Offices affords businesses with few staff a luxurious office to work out from. The Private office can sit the principal officer and two staff as well as an ocassional visitor.

Situated on the top floor, they afford the most privacy to businesses.

Shared Cubicles
ReDahlia’s Shared Cubicles is designed with working comfort in mind. The Shared Cubicle allows individuals or teams work in close comfort and without distractions. Each member using the shared cubicle also has the benefit of having their own drawers for the safekeeping of files and documents.

The shared cubicle is an open office plan. Adequately spaced to prevent congestion and promote ease of movement. ReDahlia’s Shared Cubicle plan is the finest offereing for a serviced office plan anywhere in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

Virtual Offices
The Serviced Virtual office is the best option for small businesses needing a premium address. As a member of ReDahlia Workspaces, you get to use this facility for your business.

  • Use our office address
  • We handle and transfer your mail
  • Pay Biannually
  • Discounts on Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room
Need a meeting room for an hour or two? Tired of being swept out of eatries and restaurants after overstaying your welcome? Our meeting room is well equipped and around the corner.

Our Training Room
If you are a trainer, you would find out training facility to your satisfaction. Sits 30 people comfortably, and once more, suitably situated in the heart of Ikeja, accessible as easy as ever.

Work Desk
Compare our work desk offerings and take your pick, we are confident you would find it to your taste.

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