Service Provider User Account

4 Steps to Becoming a PukenaPro

Follow the steps below to become a verified Pukena Pro.

  1. Create a Profile: Fill the online form below and upload all relevant documents. Download the guarantor forms and complete with your guarantors and reupload before submitting the form. 
  2. Orientation Course: Login to our online academy ( and complete the onboarding course. This is compulsory for all intending PukenaPros. We will contact you once you have completed the course.
  3. Background Check: After the Orientation Course, your details will be verified by an independent team of experts for authenticity and clean background, criminal. guarantor and medical records. If at this stage, we discover some misnomer in your application, you will be rejected immediately. Please ensure to submit your two guarantor forms 
  4. Activation and Posting: Once all the above steps have been completed, you begin to get jobs alerts. If you registered as a driver for Taxify/Uber, you are then given a car to start making money. 

If you meet these requirements, we wish you the best of luck in the application process and hope you enjoy working with Pukena!