Wooden Floors

Wooden Floors

Starting from N9,999

Pukena Flooring experts offers a range of services to both commercial and domestic customers. Our floor sanding service takes us all over Lagos...We look after floors and steps of the stairs, making them look like new again.

At Pukena, we look after a huge variety of businesses. Some of our jobs include:

  • Churches
  • Sports Halls
  • Pubs / Bars
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Shops
  • And much more

We also offer a line marking service for the sports halls. This is done on price per coat, for example, you may want to have soccer markings and basketball. All these floors are covered with a special regulation non slip finish.

We work closely with a number of general contractors. If you would like to discuss this, please give us a call or demand for a quote.


The floor sanding process is the initial step when we are restoring your floors. There are different grades of sandpaper to get your floors as smooth as possible. We start off with a coarser paper, like a 60 grit, and work up to 120 grit. This means that you get the smoothest finish possible.

We also sand inbetween coats, to ensure that each coat adheres correctly to the surface.

Restoring an old wooden floor is something best done by professionals. If not done correctly, you can actually damage the wood that is there. Our professional team look after everything from sanding and repairs to staining and finishing.
New Floors

We also supply and install new wooden floors. These can replace existing wooden floors, or they can be started from scratch. We install solid wood floors and semi-solid / engineered wooden floors.
Wooden Floor Repairs

At Pukena, we carry out repairs on all types of wood. The most common repairs are scratches. We ensure that all of these scratches are fully removed and smoothed out. We also repair any knots that have fallen out or become dislodged over time. If you have any repairs you are ensure of, please get in touch with the Pukena team, they can advise the best thing to do.

Recent Projects: