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Starting Driving Today? Learn to Drive from the Very Best Diving Instructors in Lagos

Once you are 18+, you can legally drive a car on public roads in Nigeria. It’s okay to start practicing on private land, as long as the site is gated and far away from highways.

Pukena Learn-to-Drive is a new service that connects learner drivers with Trusted Instructors and Trusted Supervisors. These trusted supervisors must be a government accredited driving instructor. We have partnered with major accredited driving schools in Lagos to help you learn how to safely operate a car and complete the necessary supervised driving experience required under Nigerian law.

Our Supervisors are selected based on their safe driving experience and trusted position within the community. They have a passion for helping inexperienced drivers gain practical driving skills, and improving safety on our roads. 

Let's connect you with the best driving instructors. Start your driving lessons now by filling the form below:

What You Gain:

  • Learner's permit issuing
  • Vehicle registration processing
  • Driving instructor
  • Driving Licence Processing
  • Etc