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Starting Driving Today? Learn to Drive from the Very Best Diving Instructors in Lagos

Once you are 18+, you can legally drive a car on public roads in Nigeria. It’s okay to start practicing on private land, as long as the site is gated and far away from highways.

Pukena Learn-to-Drive is a new service that connects learner drivers with Trusted Instructors and Trusted Supervisors. These trusted supervisors must be a government accredited driving instructor. We have partnered with major accredited driving schools in Lagos to help you learn how to safely operate a car and complete the necessary supervised driving experience required under Nigerian law.

Our Supervisors are selected based on their safe driving experience and trusted position within the community. They have a passion for helping inexperienced drivers gain practical driving skills, and improving safety on our roads. Earn extra income providing a valuable community service. If you think you would make a great Trusted Supervisor please register your interest today.

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What You Gain:

  • Learner's permit issuing
  • Vehicle registration processing
  • Driving instructor
  • Driving Licence Processing
  • Etc